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Mysoline Primidone

29 July 2011 No Comment

A Look at Preventing Seizures with Mysoline Primidone

Although research has yet to reveal exactly how the Primidone in the prescription medication Mysoline acts to prevent epileptic seizures, the general consensus is that it reduces the effect of the “excitability” neurotransmitters which can cause the brain to send electrical impulses at a highly accelerated rate. Too many electrical impulses in the brain can overload the rest of the body’s systems, leading to the convulsions, rigidity, and erratic behaviors associated with grand mal and partial epileptic seizures.

Listen to Your Doctor

If your doctor prescribes Mysoline as a treatment for your epileptic seizures, you need to keep taking it until he or she tells you it’s okay to stop. Only by continuing to take Mysoline will you prevent future seizures, but because Mysoline can sometimes cause dizziness, you should be careful about driving or performing any other activities which require you to remain alert while you are on Mysoline.

When You Should Not Take Mysoline

You should not use Mysoline if you suffer from porphyria; and you should check with your doctor if you have any other medical conditions. There is no real understanding of the effects Mysoline may have on a developing fetus or on a nursing infant, so if you are expecting or nursing tell your doctor before you take Mysoline.

Storing and Administering Mysoline

Mysoline should be stored at room temperature and away from both moisture and heat if it is to maintain its effectiveness. The correct dosage of Mysoline must be determined on an individual basis by each user’s doctor, who will also advise on the proper way to take Mysoline. But it is common for Mysoline tablets to be taken with a glass of water and a meal, as it may cause gastrointestinal upset if taken on an empty stomach.  Mysoline is also available in a liquid, and should be thoroughly shaken before it is used. The liquid doses are measured with a spoon included in the Mysoline packaging.

Mysoline and Alcohol Do Not Mix

If you are taking Mysoline, you should avoid alcohol consumption. Mysoline can have a strong sedative effect, causing sleepiness which can be increased with alcohol consumption, and can cause serious danger when the two are combined. Using alcohol with Mysoline will also increase the chances of epileptic seizures being triggered. Even when used without alcohol, Mysoline may cause drowsiness. So if you are taking it, you should be careful about driving or using any kind of machinery.

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